Insurance Claims

We would gladly help you replace any lost or stolen jewellery, and are happy to do insurance estimates and valuations.

We are finding more and more that customers are being told by their insurance company that they must use the insurance companies preferred jewellers- this is not true. The Financial Ombudsman Service stated in 2001 that the customer can insist on going to the supplier of their choice and that for the insurance company to insist on using preferred suppliers is unfair for customer as they do not always get the item they are claiming for, sometimes having to make do with another product. If you would like a copy of the ombudsman news in relation to insurance claims please fill in our contact us email with the subject Ombudsman and we will be happy to send you the information.

“ Policyholders should be allowed to choose where they purchase a replacement and they are entitled to a cash settlement if they cannot find an acceptable alternative. In such circumstances, we would not regard it as reasonable for the insurer to make a deduction from the cash settlement to represent any discount it would have got if the policyholder had bought a replacement from one of the insurer’s nominated suppliers. Nor would it necessarily be appropriate for the insurer to offer vouchers to the policyholder. If the option of replacement is not available, then the only way in which the insurer can indemnify a claimant is by a cash settlement.”