British Designer Showcase

In Our Designer Showcase we hope to always have small collections from up and coming British Designers. These will change throughout the year so check back again soon to see the next big thing!

We are very lucky to have 4 new British Designers in our Showcase. Below is a little profile on each designer, click on the links to see a small selection of what we have in stock. Please do come in and take a closer look.

Anna Byers

Click here to see a little of the Anna Byers Collection »
In 2010, Anna travelled to Jerusalem to study, where she found work in the studio of a leading Jewellery Designer. While she lived there, Anna fell in love with the geometric patterns on the buildings and places of worship that surrounded her. After returning to the UK and finishing a Masters in Jewellery Design, Anna set up Anna Byers Jewellery at the end of 2012. Her luxurious, statement pieces are characterized by a bold, geometric style.

Anna’s ‘Interactive’ collection further explores geometric forms, featuring multi-layered pieces, that can be rotated and re-arranged into virtually endless combinations, inviting the wearer to create their own unique compositions. She is also fascinated by Optical Art, and her ‘Hex’ collection plays with perceptions of depth and three dimensions.

Anna has been selected as a finalist for New Designer of the Year at the prestigious UK Watch and Jewellery Awards 2014. She was also a finalist for the British Jeweller’s Association’s Newcomer of the Year Award in 2013. Earlier in 2013, she was selected by the British Jeweller’s Association (BJA) and International Jewellery London as one of their top 10 emerging designers, or ‘Kickstarters,’ for 2013.

Phoebe Jewellery

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Much of the inspiration behind Phoebe Jewellery comes from stories she loved as a child and wildlife and natural objects she sees while out walking with her dogs; Skip and Ernie. Phoebe uses her skills as an illustrator to record and stylise these natural forms, and later sculpt and refine them in the studio.

Her award-winning first collection, ‘Woodland’ features squirrels, acorns and oak leaves. Oak is renowned for its strength whilst the squirrels represent fun and spontaneity. These pieces combine real hand turned oak with Sterling silver to create a rich contrast of colour and texture.

Marina Skia

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Marina’s first encounter with jewellery making took place while working for fashion publications. What started as a hobby soon turned into a passion which led her to study jewellery making in Athens and then move to London where she got her Masters in Jewellery Design at Sir John Cass Department of Art, Architecture and Design.

Since graduating she has been Artist in Residence at the Cass, which gives her the opportunity to explore techniques and materials, enriching her vocabulary as a designer trying to find new means of expression while developing her jewellery