Customer Statement in regards to Covid-19

In light of the current situation we are following the government’s advice but we are still open and we are still operating, and will do so until we are told otherwise.

What we are doing:

  • Washing our hands regularly and between each customer

  • Sanitising the surfaces between each customer

  • Cleaning the card machine between customers

  • We can deliver repairs/commissions to you if you are in isolation

  • Jewellery shopping by Whatsapp with free local delivery – 07784 920826

  • Continue to work behind closed doors if the government closes shops

  • Emailing designs and having facetime design appointments

What can you do:

  • Clean your hands before coming into the shop

  • Do not come if you are unwell

  • Pay for repairs upfront

  • Collect repairs/ commissions as soon as they are ready (or we can deliver them to you if you are isolating)

  • Use the hand sanitizer provided if you are having your finger measured

We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you updated as to any further changes.

Thank you for your support in these difficult times
Jason, Rachel & Beverley