Did you know that most insurance companies require you to have your jewellery valued every 3 years ?  It will be hidden in your policy wording and if you don't do it you can risk invalidating your whole policy.

Rachel does all of our insurance valuations on-site and we charge a set price per item, so no matter what the value you know exactly how much you will pay before hand.

Estimates for insurance are often needed when you are claiming on your insurance due to a loss or theft.  Our estimates are based on us having to hand-make the item to match your original.

Many insurance companies will tell you that you need to go to their recommended jeweller and choose something off the shelf, quite often resulting in you coming away with something that doesn't anywhere near resemble the original item.  The financial ombudsman ruled back in 2001 that you are entitled to go where ever you want to get the right replacement.  See the article for more info: http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/ombudsman-news/10/oct-repair-replace-cash.htm

Probate valuations are becoming needed more and more often nowadays.  Again they are carried out by Rachel on site and normally can be completed in a day.  We charge a set price per item and you will receive a certificate with all of your items listed.

If you would like to book your items in or require more information please give us a call.